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Decisions Decisons………..


After 3 months of unemployment, I now have two, couth ’em TWO job offers.

Turns out my interview today was just a formality.  The job is mine.

So what so I do?

This position is night shift.  Part time.  That means two nights a week.  No weekends unless I want to, and a major and minor holiday committment.  It includes benefits, paid vacation, and a 403B(like a 401K).  It pays more than the other job.  I would still be working two times a week.  Just at night.  And it would be guaranteed.

If I take this position, I could potentially save on child care.   Since I wouldn’t have to work during the day.  C-Dub says he would work from home on the days after I work nights.

BUT IT’S NIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!

But I wouldn’t miss as much of my Pookah growing up.  He’ll be sleeping.  I’ll just miss night feedings. Hopefully by then he’ll be sleeping better. 

I don’t know.

And C-Dub hit me with this one today….

“Hey, maybe I can be a stay at home and be a House Husband.”

He wasn’t kidding guys.

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