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Do a little dance……


The seller accepted our offer!!!

*falls out breakdancing, crying*

And want to close by December 14.

*Side eye.*

Well. Alrighty then.

This means that I have a visit with my mother in law, thanksgiving, packing up one house, moving to another, deep cleaning both, Christmas  finding Pookah ANOTHER daycare(because we are clear on the other side of town now. In the suburbs.) AND work.

so um, you guys will excuse me if you don’t hear from me much in December.

I will be on this space about once a week probably. Maybe 2. for updates.

But you guys are going to be busy with the holidays too, soooooooooo

I can’t believe it! We got the house!!!

Oh and today I’m going to get my Camera!!!!!

All is right with the world….

P.S. Did you see Scandal last night? Chiiiiiild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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