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Where to Eat Gluten Free in Atlanta

Looking for Gluten Free options in Atlanta? Check out this updated list (2024) on our favorite places to eat gluten free in Atlanta.

When we first found out that my son was allergic to wheat, and that a gluten-free diet would be the best way to keep him safe, one of my main concerns was:


We live in the south. In Atlanta to be exact. The land of everything FRIED. But over the years, we’ve found more and more places to eat gluten free in Atlanta. We have eaten at all of these restaurants and my picky eater will eat at these restaurants, so I can honestly say go here.


Firepit Pizza Tavern

My son is always on the search for the best gluten free pizza in Atlanta. Last year, we discovered Firepit Pizza Tavern on Memorial Drive. Love all the options here.

E Ramen

You have no idea how long we searched for Gluten Free Ramen. It’s almost unheard of. So when we discovered E Ramen in midtown, we thought we had discovered nirvana. Gluten free noodles are available and that makes all the difference ,

Hell Yeah Gluten Free

Our go to spot for Gluten free baked goods is Hell Yeah Gluten Free on Dekalb Avenue and the new location in Downtown Decatur. We love the poptarts, breakfast biscuit sandwiches , donuts, quiches, cookies and more.

Bar Taco

Bartaco has three locations in the Atlanta Area: Westside, Buckhead, and Inman Park. What is great about this place is that the majority of its taco and tamale menu is dedicated gluten free. The tacos are made with corn tortillas. All dishes with gluten on the menu have an *  .

FarmBurger Decatur

Located in Downtown Decatur and midtown, we love this spot not only because the gluten free buns are excellent, but that they have a dedicated fryer for the fries.

Egg Harbor Cafe

Looking for a great breakfast/brunch spot? We always are! Egg Harbor Cafe is the perfect spot to get gluten-free pancakes, cinnamon rolls, grits or sandwiches. And there is now a new location right on Peachtree.

Hippie Hibachi

This spot is 100% vegan and Gluten-free Hibachi. the menu is full of veggie and plant protein options and its good.

Bantam and Biddy

Located in Atlantic Station, I discovered this one by accident. This is a cute little spot . Where you an get gluten free pancakes, gluten free chicken tenders, Gluten free sandwiches ( GF bread is available) gluten free sides like grits, cheddar mac and cheese, , sweet potato fries and more.

Ted’s Montana Grill

eat gluten free in atlanta One of our favorite places to eat is at Ted's Montana Grill! It's one of our favorite spots here in Atlanta.

If you live in Atlanta I’m sure you’ve had one of  Ted’s famous Bison Burgers. You can get those Bison Burgers with gluten-free buns, the Prime Rib, the fries and a whole lot more on their wonderful gluten-free menu that satisfies even my picky little eater.

The Flying Biscuit

I had no idea they had gluten-free selections! There is no separate gluten-free menu, but the gluten-free items are clearly marked.  From omelets to grits to ” moon dusted potatoes” my son eats worry free here. And so do we!

So if you were worried about eating gluten free in Atlanta DON’T!! Just get out there and eat! What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments.


Eve Carter

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

I so love Atlanta. I've only been there twice and the first time I was completely surprised at how much great food there was. It's a shame you don't really hear a lot about Atlanta in the food shows, unlike NYC, LA, etc.