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5 Tips to Prevent a “Snaccident”

This post has been sponsored by Fiber One (available at @Walmart) and Acorn Influencers. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

tips to keep snacking under control


It’s no secret I’m trying to lose weight around here. The struggle is real!!! Mainly because around 4 pm…a snaccident happens.



I want sweet, I want salty, I want crunchy, I want pastry…I want it all!

But to stay on track, I’ve developed a few habits that I wanted to share with you .A few things that are helping to keep me on track.

1. Drink Lots of water.

Tips to prevent mindless eating with fiber one bars

I’ll let you in on  a secret: there was a time when I could go an entire day without drinking ANY water. Like none. Dry as a desert. My skin protested, my body protested and I was…just NOT healthy. But now I get it in. Because sometimes I’m not hungry, I’m thirsty.

2. Eat more than 3 meals a day.

I eat around 6.  I found that eating 6 small meals a day really helps me to curb my tendency to reach for chips instead of something healthy.

3. Write down what you eat.

fiber one-4

There is nothing worse than having to write down that WHOLE BAG OF CHIPS and it’s calories that you consumed in one sitting.  I’ve started  journaling my food so I can actually see what I eat. And it makes me pause when reaching for snacks because…I don’t want to have to write it down!

4. Turn off distractions.

Tips to help you not have a snackattack!

Are you working and mindlessly shoving in the cookies?( raises hand) or watching TV and eating FROM the bag of chips? When there are other distractions, you may mean to eat only one cookie or one of those Fiber One cheesecake bars, but you look up and the whole box is gone. Because you weren’t paying attention. Turn off distractions and just enjoy your food.

5. Plan ahead

My favorite tip is to plan ahead. I know that when I meal plan and know exactly what I’m going to eat, I do better. Because snaccidents can happen. But it’s best to be prepared with something healthy. That’s where Fiber One bars come in. I love that you can find a variety of bars and flavors to change it up. And it’s HEALTHY. I love love love the the Fiber One Cheesecake bars.( OMG THE STRAWBERRY). And the Fiber One Protein bars in the Cookies and Cream flavor are some of my favorites to reach for when I need a snack on the go, when I am running errands or when I just need a snack in the middle of my busy work day.

buy fiber one bars at Walmart

I love that I can pick these up when I do my grocery shopping at Walmart.  Head on over to the Fiber One Website to see great snack ideas and follow then on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

fiber one-4

Now, what are your best tips and tricks to prevent snackattacks?

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