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Giving Thanks

giving thanks



Today I’m Thankful for….

A husband who gets me. Who pushes me to follow my dreams. Who believes in me. Who still thinks I’m sexy after 12 years.

A baby boy who is happy and smart and loving and mischievous and who loves his mama.

A Mother who is more like a friend. Who always listens, who cares about everyone. Who is always there for anyone who needs her.

A Baby brother who has grown into a great  man who I like. And whose opinion is important to me.

An older brother who always keeps me laughing. Who is smarter and worth more than he thinks he is.

Friends who text me good morning.

Work friends to text petty Gifs back and forth all day with.

Friends who push me to be great and believe in me.


A roof over my head.

This blog

My readers.


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