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SHHHHH…I’m having a sale

SHHHH…I’m having a sale.

For today only,( really this offer will expire at 12am PST/3am EST) you can get my course Instagram Better at


Let me repeat that:


So the regular price is $99

Today you can get it for $49

I repeat…limited time only…..

If you are tired of no one seeing your Instagram Posts anymore…take this course

If you want to build engagement and not have to rely on Instagram Pods to get it…take this course

If you want to finally want a PLAN to post on Instagram instead of posting then wishing and hoping for results…


Here is a peak of what you will learn….


Module 1: Step 1: Understand the Ever Changing Instagram Algorithm

  • How the Instagram Algorithm REALLY works
  • Learn how YOUR behaviour is killing your reach
  • Break down the Do’s and Don’ts of working with the Algorithm

Module 2: Define Your Account: AKA Lifestyle is not a Niche

  • Define what you want out of Instagram?
  • FINALLY define your voice and learn to STAY IN YOUR LANE
  • How to develop a content plan and stick to it.
  • Worksheet to help you understand your niche,who your target audience is, and what to post.

Module 3: Develop a Plan: Your Content Matters

  • Why posting on the fly doesn’t work anymore
  • Which content type is guaranteed to bring you more engagement
  • Develop a plan for a Cohesive Feed.

Module 4: Why Engagement is KING and how to increase Yours

  • How to get your current followers to see and engage with your content
  • The ONE thing that Always increases your engagement
  • How to use the Golden Hour to increase your engagement
  • Use Hashtags the RIGHT way ( with a hashtag cheat sheet)
  • Checklist to of things to do EVERY TIME YOU POST.

Module 5: Bonus

  • A word about bots, follow/unfollow and comment pods


So use the code HALFOFF to get this course for 50% OFF.

So sign up already!