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Gluten Free Dining In Atlanta: Yeah Burger

Gluten Free Review:Looking for Gluten Free options in the Atlanta Area? Check out these gluten free options at Yeah Burger

We eat out on the weekends quite a bit. It’s like part of the adventure to do something as a family like visit the museums, go the movies, or Piedmont park and then go eat. Because of that, I always have an arsenal of restaurants that have gluten free options around Atlanta.  It’s not as hard as it used to be to find great places to eat. The problem now becomes, finding a place that a picky gluten-free 7 year old wants to eat! One place that I had tried, but the rest of my family had not, was Yeah Burger.  I loved all of the healthy options and the gluten free options at Yeah Burger when I visited the location in West Midtown. Since we live closer to the Yeah Burger location in Virginia Highland, one sunny weekend, we decided to give it a try.

I automatically LOVED the feel of the place. Sort of retro cool……….

Gluten free options at Yeah Burger

Yeah Burger in Atlanta perfect family spot for gluten free eating

The menu is full of gluten free options. All of the burgers are gluten-free including the vegan veggie burger.  Pookah can hardly ever eat at fast food restaurants simply because there are no gluten free buns. Yeah Burger’s buns are gluten-free and have their own dedicated toaster( yes!!!). The regular fries, sweet potato fries and even the onion rings are fried in a dedicated fryer.


For a mama who still hovers with worry with the Epi Pen Ready, this  is like music to my ears.

The menu at yeah Burger has so much variety, from veggies to burgers to hotdogs! And lots of gluten free options at yeah burger

The Patio was the perfect spot for that warm Atlanta afternoon. It was fun to eat and watch the cars go by.

waiting on our meal

burgers and fries and gluten free onion rings some of the gluten free options at yeah burger


Gluten free options at Yeah Burger: Burger and fries and gluten free onion rings

Yeah…it’s one of our go to weekend spots now when we all want burgers, hot dogs and fries!

he loved eating his gluten free hotdog.


it was great.

Keeping it real, it is a little expensive for burgers and fries. BUT, as has been my experience around town, if you want fresh, organic, gluten free food, you will pay for it. And for us, so that Pookah can experience different foods and we can have variety in our lives, it’s worth it.

Yeah Burger in Virginia Highlands

Will we go again? Of course! I love all of the gluten free options at Yeah Burger! I’m currently plotting another trip this coming weekend even though I am on a diet( shhhhhh they have salads!!!).  So if you live in the Atlanta area or are visiting, make sure you check out one of the two Yeah Burger Locations: West Midtown or Virginia Highland.

*Disclaimer: I was NOT paid in cash or Burgers to review Yeah Burger. I just wanted to share!*


Tuesday 2nd of April 2019

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Tuesday 24th of January 2017

This place reminds me so much of Burgerfi wow....I can't wait to try this place though...thank you.