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Letters To Our Children: August

Each month, I write a letter to my son. Link up!

Dear Pookah,

Last week, you started the 2nd grade.

Where does the time go?

Each year I give you encouraging words on that first day as you go off excited about new teachers, seeing old friends and new supplies.

You are so eager to learn, so eager to show that you can DO it by yourself.

The first week, of course, was an adjustment. For you AND for me. I am starting to realize more and more each day how much you are growing up:

When did you get so tall?

When did your feet get so big?

When did you start using such BIG WORDS?

I start every school year by documenting your first day. I want to document where you were at the start of each year so I can go back and watch.

It’s not only about watching how you grow, but watching your personality expand and flourish too.

First day of school 2nd grade


I am so PROUD to have a 2nd grader in my life and I hope you have a wonderful school year.

Love Mama….


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Friday 19th of August 2016

These babies grow so fast. We go from crying about them not sleeping to conversations about girls. The fact that I have a 5th grader is mind boggling to me. I was looking at him talking to me yesterday and looked in his face and really got a feel for what he will look like as an adult. No more baby on his face at all....and the girls are already after him.


kita bryant

Thursday 18th of August 2016

That's why I can't have no mo they grow to fast and don't stay little babies long. I will be preparing for middle school in a few months and I am like.....nooooooo