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Letters To Our Children-February

Join us every month for a blog circle full of moms, writing a wonderful letter to their children. In it we talk about our hopes our fears, our love….motherhood. After you read mine, make sure you scroll all the way down to the end of the page, to click on the link to the next letter.


letters to our children February


Dear Pookah,

Yesterday, we had a meeting with the woman who will be your 2nd grade teacher.


Where has the time gone?

There are times when I can’t believe that you are THAT OLD. It seems like just yesterday, you were crying as I left you in daycare.

Now you have a locker.

You have a desk.

You dress yourself in the morning.

You read US a story at night.

I feel…useless sometimes.

I mean, yes, you still need me to cook your food, remind you to pick up toys, take away privileges when you talk too much in school, buy you Skylanders toys and cheer for you at basketball games.

But I can’t help but feel that soon, you won’t need me to do any of that either.

I strive to raise you as independent as possible, but I admit that as I watch you mature and grow up….I’m not quite ready.

You see, you are my one and only and I selfishly want to keep you as cuddly and young as you are now.

But as your new teacher reminded us, you can do so much.

You ARE growing up.

In August, you will be a SECOND GRADER.

Time just keeps flying by.

And I’m scrambling to keep up.



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