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Letters To Our Sons

Letters To My Son: I was Worried….

letters to my son photography project: each month i i write a letter to my son.

Dear Pookah,

I was soooo worried about you starting a new school. Going from the Christian based school you had been at since you were 3 to a public elementary school in the city.

Talk about a change!

You were so excited to start your new school, and for a WEEK both your Daddy and I walked you into the school and up to your class.

Until you pulled me aside and said: I can find it Mama. LOL

I was worried that the school work might be more advanced than you were used to…

But you are THRIVING!

You are loving your teacher, your class and doing the work.


I was worried about bullies.

You had one who tried it and when I offered to talk to someone about it, you told me that YOU handled it.

And you did.

I worried about you making new friends…

But you have them..of course you do.

You are…thriving….

letters to my son school

Now, me being your Mama, I still worry.

I will always worry.

But I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about the basics and that now I can move on to making sure you are living up to your potential.

I’ve been so proud of you this last month baby boy.

Love you ,





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