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Letters to My Son: On This In-Between Stage

Dear Pookah, 

I can’t believe that summer is almost gone and that you are getting ready to start the 5th grade. 

Where has the summer gone?

Some days, I just want to hold you close and snuggle with you like we used to, but I understand that you are growing out of that now. 

But not all the time! Right now, you are a strange mix of child and teen:

You will watch Adventure time over and over again

But say that anything on the Disney Channel is for babies.

One mintue you are demanding independence to eat what you want, spend your money how you want and make your own bedtime, but in the next moment begging me to make pancakes on a Saturday morning. 

You love to dress nicely, but sometimes resist using soap.

You love math, but resist anyone telling you when you are wrong.

You want more responsibility and freedom, but then forget to make your bed. 

One minute you are my sweet boy, and the next I’m wondering where did I go wrong?


I guess this is all normal as you near those tween/middle school years. 

On the one hand, I love the independance that you now have, but on the other I feel like I need to keep you even closer than ever. 

Have I taught you what you need to know to stand in who you are and resist peer pressure?

Will the values we’ve taught you stand against the world?

So many deep questions on this summer day as i listen to you giggle madly while playing Fortnite with your friends. 

But that’s motherhood I guess. 

That’s life with you.

And I wouldn’t change a moment of it. 

Looking forward to seeing you shine this last year of grade school. 

Love you,