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Letters to My Son: Today, you are 14

Dear Pookah.

I am writing this letter at 7 in the morning as the sun rises on your 14th birthday.

You are upstairs asleep, surrounded by sleeping friends, and I love the thought that you will wake up surrounded by love.

My baby boy, time seems to be flying by!

You know, parenting is strange and almost new at this stage. Just as you are getting used to having more independence and more responsibilities, we are getting used to letting you have that independence and not being the helicopter parents that we want to be. I’m working on giving you advice without sounding like I’m preaching, and trying to give myself grace when I yell instead of being rationally calm.

But for the most part, I will say you make it easy. I don’t love our occasional….disagreements:( strong willed parent vs strong willed child equals the struggle bus at times) but I do love that I can see you growing and learning and taking control of your future a little bit at a time.

I don’t have much to say this year because my darling boy, I say these things to you every day.

I am proud of you.

You make me smile.

You make me laugh.

I love our morning conversations.

I love your love of mac and cheese, shopping, Starbucks and a good burger.

I love who you are becoming.

I am proud to be your Mom.

I love you