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Letters to Our Sons: March

Dear Pookah:

Today, you were sick.

You woke up cranky, didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to play, and didn’t want to let me out of your sight.

You just wanted to be snuggled up under my arm.

You just wouldn’t let go.

After fighting with your fever all day, finally it broke.  And I convinced you that playing a game on the iPad was a good idea while I used the bathroom and showered.

After a lot of convincing, you said..”Oookay Mommy. Don’t take too long.”

*side eye*

I rushed, literally rushed.

When I came out, there you were….


I grabbed my camera and started snapping. Used to me doing just that, you ignored me.




I asked, ” Are you Ok Baby?”

And I got this brilliant smile:



“I feel all better Mommy.”


Makes it all worth while.


Random Thoughts on Monday Morning.
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