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Letters to Our Sons: May

Hey! Once again, I’m teaming up with a few ladies over at Clickin Moms for our Letter’s To Our Son’s Project! Make sure you follow the link at the end to follow the circle all the way around!



What can I say?

I feel like this year has been…….

Not an easy one. LOL. I guess that’ s an understatement. But as usual, you amaze me with your resilience and your ability to maintain your joy and laughter.

I noticed today that you were clingy, and that you wanted to be up under me all the time. Normal, I think considering. But still….I worry.

I worry about what each month’s sickness, illness, incident has done to change who you are. How will it all affect you in the end?

I wonder what is God’s plan for you? Is he building you up for something great? Is he letting you suffer now to prepare you for something in the future?

These are questions I think about as I watch you go through your struggles.

And then, I catch you….smiling….talking…laughing..singing…..

letters to our sons may4

letters to our sons may3

letters to our sons may2

Just being you…..

letters to our sons may1

And I think to myself…it will all work out fine.

I love you my boy.



Don’t forget to follow our circle! Up next is Isabel Shaw

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