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LOVEUARY is the new February on Hallmark Channel with the Original Premiere of “The Wedding Veil Legacy” on Saturday, Feb. 19th at 8pm7c!

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Loveuary is the New February friends!

Hallmark Channel is my go to destination  for romantic movies! And since this weekend is MY turn to pick the movie for date night, what better way to celebrate love than to watch @HallmarkChannel’s premiere of “The Wedding Veil Legacy” this Saturday, Feb 19th at 8p/7c?

The Wedding Veil trilogy follows 3 best friends who met in grad school. It includes the three movies and is a first for Hallmark Channel and will include 3 of its biggest stars who will also be featured in all three movies while starring in their own and highlighting their personal love stories. I can’t wait to get my popcorn ready and watch!

There are  FOUR NEW romantic movies premiering that are part of the original Loveuary programing on Hallmark Channel all throughout February which began on Saturday, February 5th with the encore of the premiere oThe Wedding Veil starring LaceyChabert(Feb. 5th), The Wedding Veil Unveiled starring Autumn Resser (Feb 12th), The Wedding Veil Legacy starring Alison Sweeney (Feb 19th) and Welcome to Mama’s starring Melanie Scrofano(Feb. 26th).

The Wedding Veil Legacy starts Alison SweeneyVictor WebsterLacey Chabert and Autumn Reeser. It follows Tracy and Nick as they work together to save an original draft of The New Colossus and she agrees to help with his restaurant. As they grow closer, Tracy gets cold feet about everything!

I’ll be watching LIVE over on Twitter on Saturday at 8/7c! Join me there!



“The Wedding Veil”- Saturday, February 5th, 2022·      

 “The Wedding Veil Unveiled” – Saturday, February 12th, 2022·       

“The Wedding Veil Legacy” – Saturday, February 19th, 2022·      

 “Welcome to Mama’s” – Saturday, February 26th, 2022

And make sure you tune in and don’t forget to check out these fun extras!

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