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Goodbye to These 5 Myths About Women In Their 40s

This post is sponsored by Poise®, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I tell people that I am in my 40s, they have all kinds of assumptions. I don’t blame them because  before I hit 40, I probably had the exact same assumptions.

At 20, I pictured my 40s as… boring, dull and… more dull. But something happens when you are actually living in it. You realize that, hey, it’s not so bad here.

In fact, the party is HERE friends! And that all those things you were taught to expect from your 40s don’t have to be that way. Sure, there are downsides, but that’s not what we are talking about today!

Today, I want to say goodbye to these…

5 Myths About Women in Their 40s…

1. You are “Old”.

LIES friends! Like the saying goes, age is nothing but a number. It’s all about how you feel. We arent old in our 40s, we are blooming.

2.Most of your life is behind you

I think because most of us are done having children and may even have a grandchild or two, and we are at a successful point in our careers, most people think this is it! But remember, Vera Wang took off in her 40s. Julia Child wrote her first cookbook at 50!

The rules have changed! I quit my career as a nurse at age 41 to become a full time influencer. I have another friend in her 40s who went back to dental school ( a complete switch from her career as a lawyer), another who wrote and is publishing a book, and a cousin who went and got her nursing degree..IN HER 40s.

That myth that you can’t pivot in your 40s is just that: A Myth.

3. You will pee when you laugh and that’s just the way it is.


 It’s true, after 40, bodily changes show up that weren’t there before. But the one myth I hear frequently is that we all pee in our pants when we laugh and that’s that.

Yes, 1 in 3 women experiences bladder leaks (even before 40). But we don’t have to just accept them as a permanent part of our lives and stay home. There are so many solutions – from products, to physical therapy and beyond – that can help you still live your best life.

The key is to open up about pee leaks – or other stigmatized bodily changes – with women in your life and professionals like OB/GYNs so you can discover options that can help you live more confidently. 

For me, I often wear Poise Ultra Thin Pads to help me feel protected, but they offer many different products that may work for you. I’ve had moments when I KNOW that jumping on the trampoline with Pookah might mean a little leak, but that doesn’t stop me from living my best life!

The point is, don’t think just because you might pee in your pants every once in a while doesn’t mean you can’t live your best life!

4. Gaining weight is inevitable.

Yes, metabolism slows, but we can still work out! There’s no expiration date on deciding to get in shape or adopt a healthier lifestyle. It might take a little more discipline or a change in our eating habits, but it can be done. 

5. Women in their 40s are “
past their prime.”

Yes, I am someone’s mother. But yes, I also still like to… you know! Maybe in your 30s you were deep in motherhood and didn’t notice that you still had it going on. But in our 40s, the kids are older and we have more time, more inclination, more… drive. LOL. We still got it going on.

So don’t be afraid of your 40s friends! We are just getting started.