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our project 52: in your cup and photography backdrops

product photography tips for bloggers


In my cup.

I collect coffee cups. Different coffee cups that is. I’ve gotten them from Target, Anthropology, The Container store,  Goodwill, Ross….basically anywhere I see one that I like.

And you will always find COFFEE in my cup, unless i’m the last two weeks. I have a love affair with coffee. I love the smell, the taste, the process of making it.

You MIGHT find homemade lemon tea or orange tea in my cup whenI’m sick but that’s the only time COFFEE is not in my cup!



Product photography is important for bloggers, because there is always SOMETHING to review or show off. So, it is too our advantage to learn how to showcase our products to the best of our ability. Now, that being said, this won’t be one of those blog posts teaching you how to DIY photography backdrops. Instead, today I’m sharing with you what I use. All of which can be found at Ikea, target or your own home.

Here is my set up for the above shot:

product photography tips for bloggers

I have the window to your left  and my set up on a table just opposite at a 45 degrees angle. because Natural light is a MUST for me. I hate artificial light. I know it can be used effectively and I’ve seen it. I just like natural light…for now.

For backdrops, I use two table tops that I found at Ikea( a white one and a wooden one) , a large wooden cutting board, and my dining room table seen above.  With the table tops, I simply didn’t put the little tables together and BAM: easy to store, easy to transport backdrops for your photo needs.

I also use a white trifold foam board that you can find at any store as a cheap reflector( and sometimes background) Basically, one of those boards you use for science fair projects. It helps lift the shadows you sometimes get when you photograph next to a window and bright light. It’s easy to move around as needed, and you don’t need anyone to hold it for you.

So that’s my tip of the week and what’s in my cup! Head over to Mimi’s blog to see what’s in her cup! I can’t wait to see what’s in yours!

And next week, the theme is: Our Project 52: Link up with and



GREEN! Spring is coming….


Link up!



Monday 9th of March 2015

I need these Ikea tabletops and a zillion other gadgets to get my photography in order. Another great tip. And there was was coffee in my cup for this weeks series too!


Friday 6th of March 2015

Another great tip! I like looking at the cups at Dollar Tree. I've found a lot of good ones there.


Friday 6th of March 2015

That tip is GENIUS!!! I don't drink coffee but I do like collecting coffee mugs.


Friday 6th of March 2015

I have a board and never thought to use it *sigh* I like the cutter board though I need to invest in one of those asap

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