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Top Five Herbs for a Container Garden

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It’s the first Friday of the month, and the second edition of the Top 5 series!  The theme this month is  our Top 5 things for spring.




top 5 herbs for a container garden

I’ve wanted to start a container garden for sometime. A good raised bed garden would be ideal, but I can’t get the male of the house to build me one and I am not handy like that so….

A container garden it shall be. I didn’t want to get adventurous my first time around, but since I moved into this house, I’ve wanted a little herb garden for my patio. It gets full sun ALL the time, so I needed to find things that would withstand that.

I did my research and found: The top 5 Herbs for a Container Garden.

I figured, since Pookah is always eager to help, and he needs to learn about growing things, it would be a perfect little project for the two of us. So I headed to Lowes and got everything I THOUGHT we needed. And one Saturday, we planted.

top 5 herbs for a container garden

1. Basil: Everyone needs basil in their herb garden. It grows best in full sun.I  use it in a lot of dishes, but not every week. It gets expensive to keep having to buy it so  it was a natural choice for our little kitchen container garden.

gardening with kids-3

2. Chives: Basically tiny onions, chives are gown for their leaves and blooms but not the bulbs.  These plants can tolerate a small amount of shade, but grow best in full sun.

top 5 herbs to grow in a container garden

3. Cilantro: Also known as coriander, Cilantro is good for your stir fry, your chicken, fish..anything really. And of course, it’s a full sun herb, perfect for my container garden

top 5 herbs for a container garden

4. Mint: Mint, I’ve heard, can take over, so it is best contained in a pot. It’s a full sun herb and I can’t wait to add this to my mojitos this summer!


5. Rosemary: I already have a large rosemary bush that I discovered growing in my back yard. But it’s wild and we’re about to cut it back. But since I cook with this one a LOT, I’m making sure to replant it in my patio container garden.

top 5 herbs for a container garden

Pookah and I had fun planting the herbs. It was a mess, but so much fun!

Have you ever planted an herb garden! Share your tips!


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