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Saturdays ( a Photography Project) Week 7

I spent  Saturday deep cleaning my house. I neglected it all week due to working on my course and at the time, I had company coming to town.  I actually missed Pookah’s game ( where he had three sacks, and made 2 touchdowns AND hurt his knee) to try to get it done. PLUS, Pookah was going to his first ever sleep over and it was going to be DATE NIGHT.

Consequently, I didn’t take any photos after a flat lay for my morning cup of coffee until my friend pointed out the sky while I was dropping off Pookah for his sleepover( which he enjoyed so much by the way LOL)

And as for date night, CDub has an aversion to my phone being out at dinner and on dates so……

It is what it is. LOL

Here is what I did capture…the important parts….






Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

Y’all were looking like young lovers in that photo!