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Saturdays…Week 4 ( yes I skipped a week)

Soooo, yes, I skipped a week. It’s not that I didn’t take photos last Saturday, I did! It’s just that I didn’t take that many…or that many that were interesting…because…life.


This past Saturday was what passes for normal in the fall around here: pancakes, football, mom passes out afterwards. Add in that I spent the morning before the game running around getting groceries and trying to find water due to the coming of whatever pieces of Hurricane Irma that we are going to get. It’s supposed to be tropical force winds by the time she reaches us sometime later today. Unfortunately, Atlanta don’t know how to act in a regular thunder storm let along a tropical one.

Anyhoo, here is our Saturday.


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Week 4 of our Saturdays photography project: a typical fall Saturday: pancakes, football, mom passes out afterwards.

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