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Saturdays Week 5

This past Saturday….

I meant to do all the things.

But Football happened in the middle of the day and by the time it was done, we ate and then we all crashed in a food coma.

Sigh. Like I was telling my other football moms at the game: I miss my Saturdays for cleaning and running errands. Now I feel like I’m stuck with one day to do everything ( Sunday).

Me no likely, but my Pookah is obsessed. He got a sack, made a touchdown, got hurt, then got back up to play again. And they WON their first game of the season!

I’m halfway proud, and halfway scared out of my mind that he’s going to stick with this and want to play tackle.

Then I’ll be cringing every time he goes down. And try not to BE THAT MOM.

Anyhoo, here is our Saturday.

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