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Reclaiming my Sleep: 10 Tips for Better Sleep Tonight

A lot of us are having trouble sleeping right now. Check out these 10 tips for better sleep that will help you sleep better tonight.

10 tips for better sleep

Listen, good sleep can change your life! The National Sleep Foundation, which provides the recommendations for sleep, says that adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Our Health relies on getting good sleep and making sure that you have the right tools to do it, makes a difference.

About a month ago, I noticed that I was not sleeping as well as I used to. Now, as a busy mom, sleep is IMPERATIVE to me being able to function during the day. But I would find myself tossing and turning all night, constantly checking my alarm clock or just plain uncomfortable. I did some research and decided that I needed to change a few things.  I’m happy to say that in the last few weeks, I’ve gotten better sleep than I have in YEARS.  Just what this mama needed.

Since sharing is caring, here are

10 Tips For Better Sleep

1.Develop a Routine

My first step was to develop an evening routine. Your body needs time to wind down from the day. My routine includes a shower, a little time writing in my journal and writing my to-do list for the next day.

2.Put Away the Devices.

I listed this one as number one because I am famous for “checking on last email”, reading the news on my phone, or scrolling Facebook or Instagram. But in the last few weeks, I have made a conscious effort to put down my devices at least 30 minutes before I hop into bed.

3. Read a Book

tips for better sleep with tomorrow sleep mattress and tomorrow sleep comforter

Sometimes, even after my bedtime routine is complete, I still need to quiet my brain. I’ve found that books do this.

4. Drink herbal Tea

tips for better sleep with tomorrow sleep mattress and tomorrow sleep comforter
That’s MILK in my tea!

Yes, even I drink tea! I’ve found that a nice warm cup of non-caffeinated herbal tea does help relax my mind.

5. Give up the Afternoon Cup of Coffee

This one was the hardest. Now I’m a nurse, so I can fall asleep 30 minutes after I have a cup of coffee if I need to. But I won’t sleep well. I know that, and so I’ve started eliminating any caffeine after 3 pm. Caffeine effects everyone differently, so figure out when you can have your last cup and still sleep well.

6.Start your Day with Exercise

When I exercise in the morning or sometime during the day, I always sleep better at night. In fact, I’m out as soon as my head hits the pillow.

7. Wake Up at the Same Time Everyday

Just like I have a bedtime routine, waking up at or near the same time every day seems to help my body know when to sleep. This is the hardest one for me, and I’m still working on it. Because really, I just don’t want to wake up at 4 am on the weekends too.

8.Turn off all the lights

Electronics, street lights, lamps: turn them all off. Light at night keeps us from sleeping deeply.

9.Keep it cool

I cannot sleep hot. Even in the winter,I want to be cozy, but not warm.

10. Get A new Mattress/Pillows/Comforter

Listen. CDub and I got a brand new mattress the February after we got married…12 years ago.

It was PAST time for a new mattress. I know new mattresses are expensive, but it might be worth the investment!

tips for better sleep with tomorrow sleep mattress and tomorrow sleep comforter

So, how are you getting better sleep?

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Zoe Campos

Monday 11th of January 2021

It really helped when you said that getting a new mattress can be a good investment for me and my husband. We're actually avoiding unnecessary expenses around the house but I guess we shouldn't sacrifice the amount of sleep we get each night by using an old and uncomfortable mattress. I'll try to ask him if we can shop for custom mattresses for antique bed frames next Monday.


Wednesday 24th of June 2020

very imformative

Sameer Hora

Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

I thought a luxury bed and a high-quality mattress is enough to get a better sleep anytime. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. I would definitely try these.

Katherine Walker

Thursday 5th of March 2020

Are Tomorrow Sleep Mattresses covered by a warranty? I came across your site and it seems like an honest recommendation, but it's a little scary buying a mattress online without being able to feel if it's firm, soft, or somewhere in between. I just want to get rid of my back pain!!!!

ansul gupta

Thursday 30th of January 2020

As I m sleep lover and I love to sleep for 10-12 hours daily, these tips will be very much helpful to buy the best mattress for myself