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How Simple Acts of Kindness Make A Difference

Thank you to Hallmark for sponsoring this post.  All words and thoughts are my own. 

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.


I have a friend who has been through a LOT this summer. She spent most of it in and out of the hospital and I always felt somewhat helpless. I would find myself asking: What can I do for her? What can I do to make her smile?

I have watched her show amazing strength and fortitude even though she didn’t think she was doing anything out of the ordinary.

I wanted to show her that I see you. I see your struggles. I see your strength, I see you. And to give her something to encourage her when she feels like she is not enough.

Because she is one of those women who is strong, but still needs someone to tell her she is. I thought of all the things I could do for her,  gifts I could bring, food…

But in the end, I settled on something simple.

I decided to take her a Hallmark Card.

hallmark simple acts of kindness


I haven’t sent a card in years, but I felt like this was the perfect occasion.

There is something about getting an actual card that can lift someone’s spirit, support someone in need or simply make someone’s day.  When you take the time to acknowledge someone else and put your emotions into words, you make it possible for others to feel what you feel.

I think that now, more than ever, the world needs more caring and Hallmark Cards can help us to do it. I feel like it is so much more personal than just sending text messages.  I can do that anytime. I felt that in this current world full of tension and strife, sending a Hallmark card is a small, simple act of kindness. Anyone can do it.


hallmark card

hallmark card

hallmark card


The funny thing about taking my friend a Hallmark card is that it not only made her happy, it made ME happy.  I thought she might cry, but she held it together. LOL. I think that I will start sending more cards because it’s such a simple act of kindness. And the world definitely needs more of that. Just seeing her appreciation for something such a simple act of kindness has inspired me to send more cards in the future. I can’t wait to send Hallmark Cards when my family and friends least expect it.

If there is someone in your life that you want to thank, honor, or just let them know you are thinking of them, put it into words! Send someone you love a Hallmark Card and see what a difference it makes in their lives.  Click here to see more of what Hallmark is doing with Put it into Words, including other wonderful stories of how cards made an unexpected difference in someone’s life AND to enter for a chance to win FREE cards for a year and a $500 gift card to use on someone special in your life!