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How a Virtual Doctor Visit with HealthPlan USA Saves Me Time

“I am in partnership with HealthPlan USA and they have provided me with compensation for this campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

virtual doctor visit with healthplan USA

Tell me this scenario has happened to you. You think you MIGHT be REALLY sick. You have taken all the over the counter meds you can think of, you have made your mom’s lemon garlic tea concoction, you have slathered Vicks’ vapor rub everywhere…yet you still feel something brewing. Basically, you have two choices. A: call your Dr’s office and see if they can fit you in last minute( they can’t). Or B: go to Urgent care where you wait with all the other unfortunate souls for your number to come up only for the Doctor to tell you that you are NOT sick.

You’ve wasted that co-pay and your time.

Well, I solved that problem! I shared with you a few weeks ago that I signed up for HealthPlan USA.

Right before I went on my cruise last week, I had this constant cough and tickle in my throat.  It honestly felt like a case of bronchitis I always get this time of year. There was NO WAY I was about to let my cruise be ruined by bronchitis!  But! Before I rushed to the urgent care, or even my Dr’s office, I wanted a bit of advice.

I remembered that HealthPlan USA has Virtual Doctor Visits. With a Virtual Doctor visit, you can consult with a doctor by phone, secure video or the MDLive App. FOR FREE.  It was simple. I simply described my symptoms, how long I had them, and I was diagnosed with get this…Allergies.

Ya’ll!!!! I got off the phone, took an allergy pill and MAGICALLY I was fine.

No prescription needed, no co-pay for an office visit, no time out of my busy day for a long wait at the Urgent Care.  Mind blown, time AND money saved. I swear the Virtual Doctor visit is the best thing ever invented!



About HealthPlan USA

HealthPlan USA’s mission is to provide quality, affordable health care for underserved populations.  Founder Asafu Thomas made this his mission after he became one of the millions of Americans without health insurance at the end of the great recession in 2011

HealthPlan USA, a member-based, benefits program providing significant discounts on healthcare services. Services include telehealth, dental discounts, pharmaceutical discounts, vision discounts, and healthcare advocacy for only $16.48 a month per household.
During the Congressional Black Caucus 48th Annual Legislative Conference, HealthPlan USA will officially launch at the premier kick-off event by co-sponsoring the annual, invitation-only Girl’s Night Out Reception. In addition, HealthPlan USA will also participate in several other events, as well as be featured in various media, during launch week to create awareness about its new service.

HealthPlan USA includes these 5 major benefits:

  • Virtual Doctor Visits – Consult with a doctor by phone, secure video or the MDLive App (for free)
  • Dental Service Discounts – 15%-50% discount per visit. Includes specialty services such as orthodontics and periodontics.
  • Vision Care Discounts – Deep discounts on medical eye exams, laser surgery, prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses.
  • Prescription Drug Discounts – at participating pharmacies, including Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Rite-Aid, and CVS.
  • Health Advocate™ Solutions – help with untangling medical bills and insurance claims, arranging second opinions, transferring medical records, and assisting with eldercare and related healthcare issues.
virtual doctor visit
HealthPlan USA is not insurance or intended to replace insurance, but they do offer substantial discount programs and services to help put you in control of your health care costs. If you want to know more, visit and learn how to sign up for one of their affordable monthly plans. There are no health restrictions or paperwork necessary! Just sign up and you are ready to start saving! You will get access to the virtual healthcare right away and receive your discount cards in the mail, along with a partial list of providers. There is no registration fee and there is a 30-day money back guarantee after trying it out for yourself.
Have you ever tried a virtual doctor visit? What did you think?


John Gatesby

Wednesday 1st of July 2020

This health care plan seems to be quite a lifesaver especially in case of minor ailments as it happened in your case! I think with this pandemic on, telemedicine or virtual doctor will become more popular.