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Stream Of Consciousness on a Thursday Morning….

I use macro photography as therapy.

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed? Like you just can’t add one more thing to your plate, but then someone or something does? That’s me.

Right now. I

have so many things that I am supposed to be doing, in my 9-5, in my home, with Pookah, with this blog…. And I can’t catch up.

Oh I make my to do lists, I prioritize I DO. But then something else happens and I just can’t do…anything. It’s like I’m frozen just staring at my to do list.

I had a migraine last weekend..the whole weekend and insomnia on top of that. But of course, being the soldier I am, I carried on. Because the world would fall apart if I didn’t right? I lasted until Tuesday. And by Tuesday afternoon, I was…DONE. I took Wednesday off. From my 9-5 from this blog, from mommy duties, from wifey duties…from LIFE. I just wanted to be alone all day in a dark room in the bed with the covers over my head.

And silence. Sweet, Beautiful Silence.

Or so I thought.

Ironically, CDub  seemed to sense I was at a breaking point and took me to lunch and then spend all afternoon with me trying to get me to relax. We talked, we listened to A Tribe Called Quest on endless repeat ( RIP Phife Dawg) and he just let me…be…..

He even saw to dinner.

I feel better this morning, ready to take on the world and my endless to do list again.

Have you ever reached  your breaking point? What do you do?





Thursday 24th of March 2016

I take a break.....there are days I just want to sit and do nothing and I do just that. If I don't feel like it ...I don't do it. Simple as that. I use to think the world would end if I took a day off but it won't and you will feel refreshed after it