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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Working Moms

Looking for gifts for working moms? Check out this ultimate gift guide full of gift ideas for working moms.

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Moms are always hard to shop for, but what about a mom who also works or hasher own business? These women are hard working, they are taking care of a their families, their homes on top of being wives,moms, and significant others.

I know many of you struggle with gift ideas fo these superheros in your life. So I’ve put together the ultimate gift guide full of gift ideas for working moms.

( also moms, this is a list you can pass on to your family and significant others….you’re welcome)

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for working moms

Gifts For her home

gifts for working moms at home collage

1.iRobot Roomba  Because who actually likes to vacuum? 

2. This Keurig for her office Because it’s cute and makes making coffee easy.

3. An Air Fryer! Because everyone wants one and it makes those weeknight meals a little easier.

4. Full Plate:Flavor Filled Easy Recipes for Families By Ayesha Curry A new cookbook is always a good idea.

5. Le  Creuset Dutch Oven  Because every kitchen needs one.

Gifts to help Working Moms in business

1. Every mom boss needs a planner to help her get organized. The Day Designer is perfect for that! 

2. Or a Leuchtturm Notebook for Bullet Journaling to keep everything in one place.

3. Amazon Echo Dot. Perfect for when she suddenly remembers of something she needs to add to her grocery list or needs music or just wants to talk to someone in the next room!

4. A New Desk  is perfect to help her get organized and professional 

5.  Eat the Frog By Brian Tracy is the perfect book to help a working mom stay on track!

Camera Gear for the Mompreneur 

camera gifts for mom boss

1. The Canon 6D Mark ii : Perfect camera for great photos Instagram and Video for your Youtube channel 

2. Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan includes both Photoshop AND Lightroom for a monthly fee! Perfect for editing photos

3. Every Mompreneur with a Youtube channel needs a ring light to make great well-lit videos! 

4.  Bluetooth speakers are perfect for listening to podcasts from her phone from anywhere.

5. And every aspiring vlogger needs a handheld tripod /stabilizer for their smartphone. 

Stuff for her blog/website

gift guide for mompreneurs website

1. Hosting!  I love Big Scoots. 

2. A way to schedule all of her pins on Pinterest.

3. Grammarly, because good grammar and correct spelling is necessary.

4. A class or blog coaching she’s been wanting  ( Check out these for Blogging, Pinterest,Pinterest, or Instagram

5. And last but not least, email marketing is CRUCIAL if you have a business! Convert Kit covers all her needs

For the “Mom” in Mompreneur

gift guide for the mompreneur

1. Childcare is so valuable. It comes in handy for everything from Date night, to times when mom has a business meeting to when a mom boss just needs a few hours to herself. Priceless

2. A gorgeous leather bag that can serve as a laptop bag, camera bag baby bag and everything bag all in one. 

3. Mompreneurs have a lot on their plates. That’s why an Amazon Deep Cleaning Session is the perfect gift. 

4. A cute coffee cup is always necessary 

5.Wine and wine glasses. Because Mommin ain’t easy.  

Stuff that has nothing to do with business:

random gift guides for the mompreneur

1. For when she loses her keys or her phone or misplaces her bag…Tiles are lifesavers

2. For printing out those photos off of her phone, get a Fuji Instax printer

3.  Help her relax with a good Adult Coloring Book..and pencils

4. A Himalayan salt lamp..just because.

5. Lands End comfy Flannel pajamas. Perfect with fuzzy socks.

Pampering gifts for Mompreneurs

the ultimate gift guide for pampering a momboss

1. A good vitamin c serum is perfect to add to her beauty routine

2. If she loves essential oils, get her a Diffusor

3. A full body Massage or facial is always welcome

4. These Bath Bombs are perfect when she wants to relax at home.

5. And Speaking of Baths, this Bamboo bath tray is perfect with spots to hold her phone, books and that glass of wine.

Gifts to Help her keep Fit

the ultimate gift guide for mompreneurs

1. Get her a Fitbit to help her remember to track her exercise and steps. 

2. A yoga mat to help her practice her downward dog. 

3. This Bluetooth enabled Blender helps get those smoothies just right. 

4. Cute wireless headphones are a necessity for working out.

5. And this Water bottle that tracks her water intake and glows when it’s time to drink more! 

 And there you have it! My comprehensive gift guide for mompreneurs in your life!  And if you see something you like for yourself, pin this guide for later! 

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Melissa Mike

Tuesday 12th of February 2019

I just go through your post. After finished your post I got something different what I never think before. Your post is so helpful to make our Mompreneurs mom happy on the holiday. Thanks for giving us such a beautiful idea and tips.

VanessA Goodwin

Monday 19th of November 2018

Thank you! I am loving your blog such an inspiration for me. I will be starting my blog soon here in Charleston SC. Take care and I will share the list with husband and children. Happy Thanksgiving!