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Our Project 52 Week 22: Negative Space

negative space in photography

I love fresh showers in my house. I ‘m obsessed really. There is something about fresh flowers that just brightens a room.

I love going to my local grocery store on Sundays and getting flowers out of the $4 bin. Some of the flowers are beyond saving, but some are perfect.

I’ve taken to buying several bunches and placing them all over the house.

And in the morning, I like to sit in the quiet and enjoy my flowers with a cup of joe.

And my camera of course!

This week’s theme is negative space. Sometimes, what is in a photograph is just as important as what’s NOT. In negative space photography you are bringing  attention to your subject by isolating it. The negative space frames your subject. Negative space breaks down your photo to the basics. Negative space photography is one of my favorite compositional techniques.


Tips on Negative Space Photography:

  1. Find or create a blank space: a wall, a blank table, a piece of cardboard, the floor, the sky…
  2. Choose a focal point that is on one side of your photo or the other
  3. Use a large aperture. The photo above was taken at 2.8. Bokeh is a great way to isolate your photo.

So there you have it. If you want more examples of negative space photography,check out my Instagram account. I love using negative space in my photography over there.

Now head over to Mimi to see her use of negative space this week!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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