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Travel Stories: San Francisco

Ahhh San Francisco….

The first time we visited San Francisco, I remember telling CDub, “Everything is a photo!” It’s a feast for the eyes, it’s unique, it has gorgeous weather and now we have family to visit more often.

Day 1….. We arrived.

We came in Tuesday and even though we wanted to get out and do things that day since we arrived at like 10 am PST, we were EXHAUSTED.

travel stories

travel stories San Francisco

So all we managed to do was get a rental car, find something to eat at at Red Robin( they have gluten -free buns for the boy), check into our hotel, find Target, visit CDub’s aunt and mom and collapse in bed.


Day 2…That time C-Dub made us climb a hill even though we could have taken a bus

CDub wanted to take us to Coit Tower. He kept saying: you will get great photos from there I swear!

*HARD Side eye*

We took Bart into the city from the airport and made our way to the Port of San Francisco for a few photo ops and….coffee….

port of san francisco

Then we started the climb…we were not happy.

This climb up these steps was HORRENDOUS and we complained the whole way!



And confirmed that I am shamefully out of shape.

We complained all the way to the top ( me and Pookah), but I admit the view was gorgeous.


Afterwards, we found the same restaurant we ate at last time on the Pier ( best clam chowder EVER), walked around the Marina and took the trolley back to the train station.



We stopped by Sprouts for dinner and AGAIN, passed out in bed.


Day 3…Thanksgiving

CDub’s mom cooked a gumbo that morning and we got there just in time for CDub to clean the crabs and me to cook the rice.


We spent the day with my sister-in laws family and it was so much fun.

If you watched me on Snapchat, you know what I mean. LOL

Pookah hung out with his uncles, and ran around with new cousin-in-laws just happy.

It was like..the perfect family day.

Like how Thanksgiving should be.


Day 4…I want to see Lombard Street

That’s all I wanted. That, and not to have to walk there.

Cdub SAID he parked as close as we could, but by the time we actually climbed the hill to Lombard, my calves were on fire!

Lombard street was….crooked….


kid friendly things to do in San Francisco

*shrugs shoulders*

The view was pretty though.

Afterwards, we went over to the Marina District, let Pookah play in the water, and took a walk to the palace of Fine Arts.



kid friendly things to do in San Francisco


It was my sister in law’s birthday, so we made our way to her party later that evening for some dancing. ( Pookah wouldn’t wobble with me, but C Dub did dance to Blow the Whistle with me LOL)

Day 5: HOME

Our last day was a travel day.  We finally made it home around 6 and we ALL passed out.


It was a great trip. I enjoyed getting out to Oakland too and seeing real neighborhoods, not just historic ones. I can’t wait to go again!


*all photos taken with my Fuji X-T20( affiliate link) and my iPhone 7Plus*