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5 Ways to Use the New Instagram Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories has  300 million daily active users and is one of the best ways to reach an audience and increase engagement on your Instagram Account.

Instagram thinks it’s pretty important too, which is why they roll out updates to it at the speed of light lately.  Yesterday, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories Highlights.

A few weeks ago, Instagram gave us the option to pull images and video more than 24 hours old into your Instagram Stories.  But that content still disappeared after 24 hours.

Now, your Instagram stories will automatically save to your archive when they expire. Which will now allow you to go back and “highlight” your favorites.

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Here’s How Instagram Stories Highlights works:

Instagram Stories highlights won’t be lined up at the top of your photo feed like regular stories do.  Instagram Stories Highlights appear in a brand new section on your profile below your bio.

instagram stories highlights

To create a new highlight, select a “new” circle and choose any stories from your archives and name it.

After you are done, the highlight will appear as an individual story when someone taps it. Watch this video for an idea of how it works

These highlights stay on your profile until you remove them and you can have AS MANY HIGHLIGHTS AS YOU WANT.  To remove them, just tap and hold the highlight.

How can content creators use Instagram stories highlights?

Instagram has given you yet another way to stand out. Another way to get users interested in your profile, your brand and to get them engaged.

I’m still thinking about this, but right away, here are 5 quick and easy ideas to use the highlights feature for now:

Instagram stories always evolves! Check out how to use the new Instagram Stories Highlights Feature and 5 ways content creators and influencers can use it now to grow your brand.

1.Highlight an event:

Did you attend an event and want to highlight what happened or did you speak and want to remind your audience or potential followers that you are an expert?

2.Highlight a How to post:

DIY, recipes, cooking, etc. Especially if it is on brand.

3.Promote a course or opt in:

Show old and potential followers that you have something to offer them by Highlighting it.

4.Highlight a Blog Post:

If you want to promote your latest or a cornerstone post.

5. Show off YOU:

Instagram is all about building community and relationships and getting like-minded people to follow you and engage. if your account is about motherhood, highlight a mommy moment, food: a recipe being made, fashion, your outfit of the day, your morning stories, your car ride stories..SHOW OFF YOU.

This is another opportunity to connect with your followers and potential followers and letting them get to know you , increasing engagement and influence.  Instagram is begging us to use Instagram Stories guys..listen!

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Want to take your Instagram stories to the next level? Check out Rock Instagram Stories.

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Michelle Cantu

Thursday 7th of December 2017

I am definitely implementing this to help my posts tell more a story. I love that they created this.

Kita Bryant

Thursday 7th of December 2017

I need to really start using this feature. I see people doing it all the time and it looks great.


Thursday 7th of December 2017

Instagram stories intimidates me a little bit so I'll be honest and say I haven't really checked it out or explored it much but this is really cool!


Thursday 7th of December 2017

I had no idea about this, so I'm glad I read your post. It's kind of like pinning a post to the top of your Twitter page. I think it's a great feature!