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Books Like Crescent City : 10 Fantasy Series to Try

Have you just finished Sarah J. Mass Crescent City Series and need a new series to read? If you are a fantasy fan, check out these books like Crescent City that can help tide you over until her next book.

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New York Times best selling author Sarah J Maas has created a wonderful urban fantasy series with her Crescent City series. But if after finishing the latest book in the adventures of Half-human Bryce Quinlan and Angel Hunt Athalar, you are immediately in search of another fantasy romance just like it.  

If you have finished her Throne of Glass Series AND her Thorne of Roses Series ( ACOTAR), and don’t think anything else can live up to the hype, the good news is that there are! I’m here to introduce you to even more fantasy novels.  This list includes page-turning suspense, epic fantasy, secret societies, a lot of world building, strong heroine angels, fae and more. I’ve got 10 Fantasy books  that absolutely do. 

10 Books Like Crescent City

SJM fans will find  a great book to read on this list of books like crescent city. Which series will you start with first?

Looking for More Books to Keep Your TBR Full?