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Instagram Magic: 10 of the most Creative Instagram Accounts

10 creative instagram accounts that everyone should follow now.

I get inspiration and joy from Instagram. It’s creative place, and that feeds my soul. I’ve shared some of my favorite Instagram Accounts before  Here, Here and Here. I love sharing my favorite accounts on Instagram because why should I be the only one enjoying them?  I love beautiful photos and the stories behind them. But what happens when you take pretty photos and creativity to another level? You get awesomely creative Instagram accounts that fill your feed and make you wonder HOW DID THEY DO THAT while looking forward to their next post.

I follow a lot of accounts, but these 10 are my favorite creative Instagram accounts in my feed right now.





A post shared by Vanessa (@the_life_of_aivax) on


4. @sarah_louise_ferg



A post shared by Dominique (@allthatisshe) on



A post shared by moography (@moography) on



A post shared by Alexandria (@alexandriaslens) on

8. @sheflourished

9. @kutovakika

A post shared by Veronika aka Kika (@kutovakika) on

10. @taraherron_photography


Do you follow any of these creative accounts on Instagram? Do you know of any I haven’t listed here? What are some of your favorites? Share in the comments!

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looking for inspiration? Check out these 10 magical instagram accounts that every creative should be following. #instagram #socialmedia #blogging
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    June 21, 2018 at 6:03 am

    OMG! ???
    I have already followed them all. Hope, my newsfeed will be richer with creative photos from now.
    Thanks for such an awesome blog, buddy.

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