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A 10 on 10 Photography Project: Summertime

I haven’t done one of these in what feels like forever.

Let me explain: I used to do a photography project every month called 10 on 10: 10 photos on the 10th of the month

It was fun, and it was a way to share a snapshot of a day without doing a full-on Day in a Life Photography Project.

What happened?

Instagram! LOL. The ability to not only share photos as soon as they happen but VIDEO has changed the way I share photos on this blog. But, I’ve been thinking over the summer that doing little projects like these and sharing more stories of our life and updates HERE on the blog is what I really want to get back to. 

Yesterday, we went to Six Flags over Georgia. Pookah is out of camp this week, and rather than let him be in a fortnite haze all day, I’ve been finding things for him to do. 

And what else screams summer like water fun at an amusement park? LOL

Anyway, I only took my iPhone, so these photos were all taken with my iPhone XS. 

Here is our 10 photos!


All of these photos were edited with Lightroom Mobile and a personal( made by me) preset applied.