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15 Places to Buy Meat Online

Looking for places to buy meat online due to meat shortage in the store? Check out these 15 places to buy meat and have it delivered right to your door.

Ya’ll, where is the beef? As if this coronavirus hasn’t done enough damage, we are now entering a meat shortage! Grocery stores are going to start limiting how much meat you can buy at a time and some Fast food places are out of burgers!


So I put together this list of places to buy meat online. There is a variety here: you can get beef, chicken, lamb, seafood and a few things in between with these websites and farms.

Hopefully, while shopping to feed our families we can still help some of the small businesses ( farms) that provide the meat to these websites.

This is a quick and dirty list, but go forth and shop!

some of the following links are affiliate links

15 Places to Buy Meat Online

  1. Snake River Farms : Fresh wet-aged and dry-aged Northwest and American Wagyu beef
  2. Perdue Farms : Chicken Beef Lamb and Pork
  3. Thrive Market :organic chicken, pork, lobster, ground beef, chuck roast, wild-caught seafood, and many other meats.
  4. Grassland Beef : Beef, Lamb, Pork, Bison, Seafood, Poultry
  5. Lobels: Beef
  6. Omaha Steaks: Poultry, Beef, Lamb, Seafood, Bison,
  7. Rock River Bison: Bison, Beef
  8. Rastelli’s : Beef Pork, Chicken and Wild Caught Seafood
  9. Farm Foods Market: Beef Pork Chicken
  10. Mr. Steak: Steakhouse meats right to your front door.
  11. Porter Road: Beef, Port Lamb and Chicken
  12. truLocal : 100% grass-fed and finished beef, wild-caught salmon, and non-gmo chicken breasts,
  13. D’Artagnan: Shipping Beef, Port and Game
  14. Meet The Butchers :best prime beef, pork, poultry, veal, lamb, wild game and seafood—all delivered fresh, never frozen.
  15. Crowd Cow : Get grass-fed steaks, pasture-raised craft beef, pastured chicken, heritage pork and more

I’ll be adding more as I find them!

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