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15 Useful Instagram Apps Tools and Resources for Your Business

It’s no secret that Instagram is bae for me and that I spend a lot of time using it and researching and thinking about it.  Over the years I’ve used a lot of apps, programs, and tools to help me live my best Instagram life. And since I want YOU to live your best Instagram life too, today I’m sharing 15 useful Instagram Apps, tools and resources.


15 of the best Instagram apps, tools for video on Instagram and resources to take your Instagram Account to the next level! #instagram #instagramapps

15 Useful Instagram Apps, Tools and Resources

Editing  for Instagram

VSCO( for IOS and Android): this is my go to for editing my photos. I love the filmy, contrasty look it gives my photos. I have my favorite filters arranged first ( KE1 F2 and AV4) and usually apply a filter, adjust the strength and go.

A Color Story( for IOS and Android): When I want my whites white or I want the colors to pop, I head to this app.

Snapseed( for IOS and Android): Good when I want to retouch a photo or use their healing brush to get rid of something.


Graphics and Text Overlay Apps for Instagram

Wordswag (IOS and Android): There are a lot of Instagram apps for this. Wordswag is perfect for if you post a lot of graphics or inspirational quotes. This app comes in really handy on the go. They have pre-loaded images you can use as backdrops or you can upload your own

Canva: ( IOS and Android)  This is useful if you are promoting a blog post or an event and need to upload the same graphic that you have on your blog to your Instagram account. Or just make new ones. There is a Instagram post template.

Adobe Spark Post( IOS only for now): is a free online social media graphic design software that lets you add text, apply filters, resize, crop, and rotate photos. My FAVORITE for graphics for Instagram stories because there is a template for it!

Video for Instagram

Pocket Video ( for ISO and Android):An easy vlogging app that lets you to add your own video + photos, plus layer in other videos, gifs, stickers, and animated text.

Story Splitter for IOS or Story Splitter for Android: Because sometimes you want to post longer pre-made videos in your Instagram stories. Instagram stories are 15 seconds long and these apps allow you to split up your videos perfectly into 15 second clips.

Boomerang( for IOS and Android): Because everyone should use a Boomerang. They are fun to make, fun to watch and they increase engagement.


Tools for Organization and Blogging for Instagram

Dropbox: I use Dropbox to organize my photos for Instagram. It’s especially useful when I have photos that come from my Canon 6D. I export those photos to my Dropbox so that I can save them to my phone later. It also helps to keep my phone free of too many photos. I regularly delete photos from my phone because I know I have them backed up on Dropbox. When you tell your followers to check out the link in your profile, it’s nice not to have a long cumbersome link there. can help you customize links( make them shorter) AND you can track how many times the link is clicked. Great for brands and to see how your content is resonating with your audience.

Linktree: Linktree is a free tool that lets you house more than one link in your bio. It can eliminate the need to ALWAYS have to change your link every time you want to promote a new post. For instance, when you click on my link, you can see my Facebook page, latest post, and a link to my course

Scheduling Tools for Instagram

Planoly( desktop and app) : Allows you to arrange the look of your Instagram feed by dragging and dropping photos into your grid the way you want them. Also allows you to schedule content( including stories) & draft captions days, weeks, or months in advance. Free for up to 30 posts a month.

Later ( desktop and app) :Basically the same as Planoly, you automatically get 30 posts/month for free. So if you’re on a budget and post on average once a day, this might be for you. Later also allows you to save hashtags to use for later.

Tailwind for Instagram( desktop and app): If you already use Tailwind for Pinterest, this might be perfect for you. The main difference is that Tailwind will calculate when it thinks your post should be posted for optimal engagement, it makes smart hashtag recommendations and you can save your hashtags into reusable lists that can be saved on desktop and mobile. There is a monthly fee.


So there you have it. My amazing list of 15 Useful Instagram apps tools and resources. Hope they help!

If you want to develop a plan to take your Instagram to the next level check out my course Instagram Better: A Plan for Building An Authentic Instagram Community!

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