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10 of the best IGTV Apps to Produce Awesome Content

So, you love the idea of IGTV, you have a plan and now, you are ready to produce content. But you need help editing those vertical photos on your phone! Where do you even start? I’ve broken down 10 IGTV apps that will help you produce awesome content.

10 of the Best IGTV Apps

IGTV apps to help you improve your IGTV content

Apps for recording video

The built-in video apps on your iPhone and Android will work just fine, but if you want to be able to have more control, consider a few of these apps.

1.Filmic Pro ( IOS and Android)

Gives you control over focus ISO and shutter speed., temperature, tint…all on your phone.

2.Procam  (IOS)

Procam offers control over the settings of your iPhone’s built-in camera, and full featured photo and video editing.

Apps for editing video/convert from horizontal to vertical.

3.Video Show (IOS and Android)

Right now, this is my go-to app for editing my Instagram stories. I love how you can add in music, edit clips, transition…it’s easier than iMovie for sure. BUT it does have its glitches.


I just learned about this one, and just downloaded it to play, but seeing that you can remove the background from clips, I think I’m very interested.

5.Inshot (IOS and Android)

I just started testing this one out a few months ago for editing my Instagram stories. With the ease of use, I can see it being used a lot for IGTV. You can select a 9:16 canvas size ( perfect for IGTV) and filters and stickers and music.

6.Vue (IOS)

VUE is a video camera app that lets you edit videos by adding filters, stickers or montage.

7.VidClips (IOS)

A new find, it’s great for quick and easy video edits and for converting those horizontal videos from youtube into vertical ones for IGTV.

8.Splice by Go Pro

Not just for your go pro, this app makes it easy to create a professional-looking video on your iPhone. You can trim clips, adjust transitions, add slow motion effects and more.

Creative IGTV apps

9.Video Grade (IOS)

If you want to adjust the way your video’s look in terms of color, VideoGrade is perfect. You can go dramatic or subtle to change your video’s look.

10.VSCO (IOS and Android)

Did you know that you can edit videos in VSCO? Yes, you can. For simple videos from your phone, it’s perfect for applying and adjusting the filters that you have used on your photos to create that cohesive look!



Hopefully, this list of IGTV apps is just what you need to get started creating great content to help your IGTV channel to stand out from the rest!

check out these 10 apps for IGTV to help you take your content to the next level


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