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5 Instagram Trends to Watch in 2020

Instagram just keeps on evolving! For 2020, some things remain the same, but so many things are changing. I know it’s hard to keep up sometimes, but that’s why I’m here! Keep reading to get 5 Instagram Trends to watch in 2020.

5 instagram trends to watch in 2020

5 Instagram Trends to Watch in 2020

So let’s get to it!

1.Your Captions Matter: Longer is Better

Microblogging on Instagram has been a “thing” for a while. But now more than ever, your words matter.   

People are craving human connection and Instagram is becoming the place to get it more and more. 

According to FOHR, the average caption length has more than doubled since 2016. And by 2020, the average caption length will be 405 characters — which averages out to be 65-70 words!

For examples of this, check out Influencers like @JennaKutcher,  @thebirdspapypa    

What does that mean for you: 

Start getting your audience used to these longer posts. Start with a call to action or the most important point. You have to give them a reason to stop the scroll. Remember, only the first 125 characters show, so make it count. 

Follow up here if you want to learn more about how to write captions for Instagram that engage.

2. Memes are taking over…and so is twitter

More and more, users are coming to Instagram for inspiration and to laugh. 

Hello Memes!

What makes them so popular? The fact that they are shareable!

And remember, the share is the new hug on the gram. 

 Its Instagram’s version of the retweet. In fact, if I look at my explore page right now, the majority of it is inspirational memes. Because I tend to like and share them in my stories daily. 

And speaking of Twitter:

Haven’t you noticed? people are screenshotting twitter posts and sharing them to their feeds. and then using the longer caption trend under to further explain. 

Once again, creating sharable content. 

@myleik does a great job at this. Using old tweets as life lessons. 

What does this mean for you:

Make and share memes, inspirational content and tweets. 

You can share opinions, your own tweets, tweets of experts or celebrities ( just as long as you credit when you take your screenshot). 

Remember, the point is to share content that your followers will enjoy, engage with and then share with their own followers.  

3. IG stories remain bae

I KNOW I don’t have to tell anyone reading this email that you should be on IG stories. Instagram has made it so that you can now share your stories to specific users. Or share someone else’s stories to other users. But I want to point something out for this year specifically. 

In case you weren’t aware, the more time someone spends actively engaging with your content, the better the post does.  

Every day I get asked the question:   how can I increase my engagement on my Instagram stories? Basically, create content that your followers have to actively engage with.

How that applies to you

Make content that your users have to actively engage with. I’m talking about polls, slider stickers, and the question box. And make SHAREABLE content! 

4. Instagram wants to shop

Instagram wants us to shop right in the app, and made a lot of improvements to make it easier for users.  You can now tag products in your posts and stories. Users can check out and complete purchases right in the platform. 

How this applies to you

If you have an online shop, set up your shop with Instagram ( instructions here) 

It’s game-changing. There is no excuse not to make a sale.  

Instagram has added so many features to improve shopping on their platform, like the ability to tag products in your posts, tagging products in your Stories, and even checking out and completing entire purchases on the platform.

5. IGTV is still here

And trying to thrive. More and more content creators are uploading content there. 

With the introduction of the series option on IGTV, I predict more and more brands and influencers creating series.

How this applies to you

Always wanted a talk show? Here you go!

Want to teach something ( quick and easy videos, gardening tips? 5-minute fashion tips, make up tips etc) make it a whole series instead of one video upload. 

Ok, so which of these Instagram trends to watch in 2020 are you going to work on first?


Tuesday 14th of April 2020

This is great! thanks for the insight!

Lily Howard (IN LIKE)

Wednesday 26th of February 2020

Hey, Nice to meet you :) I have never received such a beautiful guide in my blogging life. I have moved more towards social media marketing. In fact, people are desperate to increase Instagram likes & followers. Here are 5 trends to develop on Instagram, which we all need. Here are some of the techniques you know will make Instagram improvements easy. Remember that social media (Instagram) will never die. Happy 2020 with Instagram :)