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How to Write Instagram Captions that Engage

Our photos and graphics are only half of what makes up an instagram post. A great photo will make someone double tap, but a great caption will make them stop, read and comment. That’s why learning how to write Instagram captions that engage is important. Because remember, with the new algorithm changes, Engagement is KING on Instagram!

So if you open up Instagram and saw “Happy Friday!” on an Instagram post what do you do? You double tap and keep scrolling…( you know you do, don’t lie LOL).

But what if you saw this:

TGIF!!! Do you have any plans this weekend? My only plan for this weekend is to lay on my couch in fuzzy socks, watch Netflix and gorge on pizza and wine! Who’s with me?! #cheerstotheweekend

The first example is too short, too plain, and does not in any way entice ANYONE to engage. It doesn’t encourage users to answer a question, it doesn’t include them in anything. It’s just there.

The second example, on the other hand, is relatable and asks a question. There is more of the poster’s personality coming through too which helps to build your personal brand.

And that friends, is what you want!

So here are 3 Tips to Help you Write Instagram Captions that Engage

How To Write Instagram Captions that engage

1. Make Your Instagram Captions Relatable

Most people love to respond and engage with things they can relate too. It makes them feel included, and like they are getting to know you. So don’t just state the facts ie: It’s Friday. People relate more to feelings and emotions.

2Show off YOU

What I mean is, show Instagram your personality. Things that make you YOU. People follow you and your brand but they want to know YOU. Your personality is what makes you unique so show it off. If you are quirky, let that come through, If you are obsessed with Star Wars or Mac and Cheese or COFFEE, work it into your captions. People are dying to get to know other people online and want to find ways to relate to you. Take advantage of that.

3. Always Add a Call to Action

Using a Call to Action on your Instagram post is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement. Call to Actions work because they prompt users to do something. Tell them what you want them to do and they’ll do it. Leave your CTA open-ended and you will get very little response.

So what is a call to action?

  • ask a question
  • tell them to do something
  • ask for their opinion

Use these 3 simple tips this week to help you to write Instagram captions that engage your audience. I guarantee you will see results!

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Great tips, LaShawn! I need to take these into consideration! I feel like thinking of some strong captions will actually encourage me to post to Instagram more in general because I’ll feel like I actually have something decent (important?) to say!

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Great post. It’s definitely something I need to work on!