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How To Make a Poll on Instagram

Last month Instagram rolled out a new feature: Polls in Instagram Stories.  Some people went wild asking all sorts of things in their stories, while others were confused. The main question I keep hearing, even a month in is: Why should I use it?

My answer: engagement.

Remember, anything that creates engagement on Instagram is a plus. Using Instagram Stories helps boost you in Instagram’s algorithm and having people ENGAGE with your Instagram stories gives you even more of a boost.

Polls in Instagram Stories makes it even easier ( and admit a lot of fun) to get more engagement and increase your reach.

How To Make A Poll On Instagram

Here is how it works: Take a photo or video through Instagram Stories and swipe up to reveal the sticker selections.  Select the “poll” sticker and place it wherever you want.

5 ways to use polls in instagram stories

Next write out your question and choose the answers you want voters to be able to pick from.

5 ways to use polls in instagram stories

Once your story is published, anyone who views your story will be able to vote and see the real-time results. Participants can’t see the names of other voters, but you can every time they vote. So because I want you to live your best Instagram life, I’ve got

5 Ways to Use Polls in Instagram Stories

5 ways to use Polls in Instagram Stories. Want more followers on Instagram? You need to know what they are thinking and get them engaged on Instagram. use Polls on Instagram Stories to learn more about your audience and what keeps them engaged. #instagram #instagramstories

1. Ask ‘Yes’ or ‘No” questions

Simple, the easiest way to start.Do you like coffee? Is this outfit cute on me?

2. Identify which one of your viewers are the most engaged.

The people who take the time to answer your polls are different from the rest of your audience. These are your rock stars these are your VIPs. These are the people you engage with. They are telling you what content matters to them, what gets them excited. These are the people who you want to engage with in return to keep them involved.

3. This or That Questions

If you want to know what to do or see or post about or what thing is better than the other, ask that question. Give them a visual so that your viewers can make an informed decision.

 4. Use it to find out what your audience needs

Ask what your audience wants to see more of.  For example: Do you need more recipes or more how to posts? and use that info to make more content that they want.

5. Crowdsource Opinions

Trying to decide what to wear? Put it on a poll!!! Need to know what shoes go best with an outfit? MAKE A POLL. Want to know if the craft you are creating is something your audience wants a tutorial on? ASK!

I think polls are going to be a great option to get your audience involved and learn more about them. That will help YOU create content that is catered them and get them more engaged.

Have you used Polls for Instagram Stories?


Did this help you? If you want to improve your Instagram Feed and develop a plan to take your Instagram to the next level check out my course Instagram Better: A Plan for Building An Authentic Instagram Community!

use polls in your instagram stories and other tips to help you  build an authentically engaged Instagram Community.

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