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Back to School Refresh with Rooms To Go Kids

This post was sponsored by Rooms To Go. All opinions are my own. 


One night, I passed by my son’s room and realized…he needed an update…badly.

I hadn’t decorated his room since we had moved into our current house almost 6 years ago. When he was 4. As we approach middle school next year and double digits this year, (he’ll be 10), I decided it was time for a refresh and that the Back to School Season was the perfect time for it.

The problem is..Pookah’s room is small. The smallest room in the house. We had a bed, a dresser, a bookcase, and a rocking chair squeezed in for years.

But as Pookah grew older, so did his needs. I want him to be able to see his room as a retreat, a place where he can hang out and get some peace.

So began the quest to remake this small space into something a little more mature, while retaining that 10-year-old charm.

Enter Rooms To Go

I knew Rooms To Go had a kids section. Furniture made specifically for kids and their bedroom needs.  So one Sunday, I tore Pookah away from Fortnite and off we went.


We tried all the beds…


And all the mattresses.

We considered bunk beds, daybeds, a great Star Wars bed, and finally settled on this bed. I love how Rooms To Go was laid back enough to be ok with kids trying out the furniture and us taking our time to let HIM decide what he wanted!

He FINALLY settled on this bed.

Mainly because of the cubby holes in the headboard!

Room To Go delivered AND set it the bed up for us. I can’t tell you how helpful that is for us as working parents. Seriously, they were in and out in fifteen minutes!!

The bed fit perfectly in his room! And while I envisioned using those cubbies for books, he has added everything from books, to toys, to trophies. I did rearrange the furniture just a bit: took out the chair, added a desk ( so he can do his homework in peace) and new bedding and a new mattress also from Room To Go Kids

I plan on doing more in the future as he grows. Update some furniture, add a few more things (like that gaming chair that Pookah wants so badly). And Rooms To Go Kids will be our go-to choice when we decide to add more.

Have you ever shopped at Rooms To Go for your Kid?



Phil Cannon

Saturday 25th of April 2020

Some bunk beds even accompany a trundle which is ideal for sleepovers. Don’t need the additional sleeping space? No problem. Turn the trundle area into additional storage. Need more storage space? Search for bunk beds with stairs. The stairway bunk beds provide extra space for storing behind and underneath the steps.

Kyra Rodriguez

Wednesday 8th of January 2020

Even I, would love to sleep on that bed! It looks so comfy and has a lot of spaces for books!

Mira Edorra

Friday 27th of December 2019

I considered bunk beds, daybeds, a great Star Wars bed, and finally settled on this bed. Those are really awesome!