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5 Must Read Books for Mompreneurs

When Instagram introduced the Ask me a question feature, someone asked me what books I would recommend for mompreneurs ( moms who happen to be entrepreneurs).

I have so many books I want to recommend, but keeping to the theme that keeps this list at 5 books, I decided to go with that.

These are books I’ve read over and over and one that I’ve heard great things about and will be reading myself.

5 Must Read Books for Mompreneurs

books for mompreneurs

Hopefully, this list gets you motivated and ready to rock your business and change your mindset.  There are books on being creative, books on being productive, motivational books and just books you need to read.

Hope you love them as I do!

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check out these books for mompreneurs

1.What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam

You know that I‘m a morning person. I read this and I swear, it’s renewed my commitment to get up and get things done. I read her other book, 168 hours: You have More time than you think a couple of years ago after hearing about it at my first Mom2.o when I was struggling to find time to Blog with a full-time job.  Do yourself a favor and get both.

2. Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert 

Looking for books for mompreneurs? Check out this list

I think of this book as a guide to finding inspiration in your everyday. It’s hard to be a constantly creative person, and consistently find creative ways to express yourself over and over again. It’s hard to find inspiration. But I love how this book changed the way I thought of the creative process.

3. Eat That Frog 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time By Brian Tracy

This book was life-changing for me. I am a procrastinator. I will wait until the 11th hour and then panic and wear myself thin getting that ONE thing done. Learning to eat the frog has been so great for my productivity.

4. You are a Badass Making Money Jen Sincero

This book was so full of inspirational quotes, edge snatching and just practical you can do this because you are a badass that I had to include it. When I was trying to decide if I wanted to be a mompreneur, I swear I read this book two times in a row and HIGHLIGHTED many things. I swear after Cdub, this book is what pushed me to just go for it.

Looking for books for mompreneurs?

5. Girl, Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis 

Ok confession, I just started this one. But I’ve heard nothing but good things, so it got included on the list.  I can say, that just reading that first chapter, I know it’s going to be a keeper.

So, go forth, head to your library or Amazon or your local bookstore and GET THESE BOOKS.

Because every mompreneur needs inspiration and hopefully, these 5  books for mompreneurs is perfect for you!

books for mompreneurs

Have you read these books? What other books would you recommend as must-read books for mompreneurs?

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Tuesday 4th of September 2018

Loving this list! Big Magic was such an inspiration to me. I still go back and read certain sections and passages for gentle reminders. And I just added "Girl, Wash Your Face" to my list as I was introduced to it from my Bible App devotional. Will be adding the others to my library list. Thanks for sharing!