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Coffee Confessions: A Day Without Coffee

I love to start my day with coffee, flowers and a little journaling. But what happens when I don't have any coffee? These are my coffee confessions.

Hello, my name is LaShawn. And these are my coffee confessions.

Ironically, even though I am obsessed with coffee, my day doesn’t actually start out with it.

I have a routine you see……

I wake up at the crack of dawn to do things: clean, pack lunches, blog, meditate, attempt to exercise….

And then from about 630 until 8 am, I am running running running: I get Pookah up, dressed, breakfast made, lunch packed, out the door and in school by 745.

Right before I leave the house, I usually either turn on my Keurig or I set my kettle to boil water for pour over coffee.

And when I get home, it’s time.

It’s time for that first sip that first bit of loveliness, that warm cup of joy..that giver of life….

That first warm cup of joe....

I usually savor that cup while planning out my day before I start working. In the peace..and quiet….

I usually get another cup to perk me up around mid day, and one last cup in the late afternoon for my 4 pm pickup right before it’s time to pick Pookah up from school.

I’ve got it down to a science. I’m productive. I’m a joy to be around! My day goes almost exactly as planned.

But last week…I ran out of coffee, and didn’t ‘know it until I got back home and it was too late to even head to the QT to get a cup.

But I could DO this, I thought. I’d just hold out until around noon when I could sneak out to get some then.


8:45 a.m: I spill my breakfast( as plate full of eggs and sweet potato hash browns) AND WEAK TEA all over my desk and down my shirt.

9:30 am: I had to change my clothes, shower again( eggs were found in unfortunate places) and clean my desk. Now late for work.

10:45 am: Wait, I had a meeting at 10???

11:35 am: Maybe I can sneak to the store for coffee but….My phone rings…*throws all the things*

12 noon: Another meeting…wait, did someone ask me a question?

12:05 pm :I’m hungry…..

1 pm:  I’ve nodded off in this meeting several times….

1:15 pm: Email from boss: are you ok?

1:15-1 :45 pm: Frantically try to concentrate on work while looking at the clock and dreaming of afternoon caffeine.

1:55 pm: It’s almost lunch time!!!

1:56 pm: The phone rings: Hello this is Pookah’s teacher…

2 pm: Instead of a lunch break, I head to Pookah’s school to pick up a sick child.

2:15-3:00 pm: Sick child comfort measures (cuddletime, TV to Phineas and Ferb, popcorn)

3:00 pm: Scarfs down leftovers from dinner for lunch..STILL NO COFFEE

3-5 pm: Attempts to work, amuse a 6-year-old and not go out of my mind. All at the same time.

5 pm : Whimpers…

5-6 pm: Feeds sick child fish sticks and ice cream. Because my brain has given up.

6 pm: Husband arrives home. Opens mouth to ask what’s for dinner: but sees sick child on the couch and listens to his screeching wife babble about life without caffeine…hides in man cave.

6:15-7:00 pm: Gives up on working because…why?

7:30 pm: Bathes child then heads straight out the door.

8:00 pm: Buys coffee..but it’s TOO LATE FOR IT! *weeps quietly in the car*

8:30 pm: Heads to bed in defeat. But brews coffee and puts it in my Genuine Thermos® Brand thermos to keep it hot until morning. Because…I can’t handle that kind of day again….

These are my coffee confessions with Thermos brand coffee thermos.  Keeps my coffee warm for 24 hours


And that my fiends…is my life without caffeine.

Have you ever had a day without coffee? Head on over to Twitter  and use the hashtag #coffeeconfessions and share your coffee confessions with @Thermos  .Genuine Thermos® Brand will  be selecting and awarding coffee to those who participate! I can’t wait to read about your coffee confessions!


Michele D

Friday 27th of May 2016

I don't drink coffee but my husband does and it's the first thing he goes for in the morning. Having that first cup is important !

Megan Elford

Thursday 26th of May 2016

Oh my goodness, I'm dying of laughter over here!! I feel your pain ... so much! I recently had the choice to go without coffee, or drink coffee made with contaminated water. I chose to drink. Sure, I paid the consequences with an upset tummy, but oh my, it was worth it. A day without coffee ... well, it's just too painful to consider, lol!

Terri Beavers

Thursday 26th of May 2016

I'm pretty certain that I wouldn't last a day without coffee lol. I could use a Genuine Thermos® Brand thermos and I'd love to try the coffee as well.

Bella B (xoxoBella)

Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Oh my goodness, what a day! I am this way with tea...can't get through the day without it.

Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Oh no, I don't think I can survive a day without coffee or caffeine. These THERMOS' are beautiful!