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105 Summer Photography Prompts

Here are 105 summer photography prompts you can use to capture your summer this year. perfect for a 100 days of summer photography project. Download now!

The kids are out of school! Want to document your kids summer memories? Download this list of ideas and get started documenting those summer memories today! 1d

Summer time is coming and what better time to start a new Photography project?  

Starting at the end o the school year, everyday for the roughly 100 days between the start of summer and Labor Day, I plan on taking a photo. I want to document our summer and maybe get a photo book out of it at the end.

And since I’m going to be taking photos everyday for the next 100 or so days, I thought I might need a few summer photography prompts to get me going.

Of course, my list of summer photography prompts grew and grew and now….

105 Summer Photography Prompts!

An epic list of 105 summer photography prompts to help you take photos and capture memories this summer.

I’m excited to start. You know, I realized recently that I won’t have that many more summers with Pookah, and that I’ve been lax in documenting our summers other than big vacation trips.

 So last winter, I decided that I was going to document our summer. Or rather, I was going to document our 100 days of Summer.

You know I love photography projects and this one will serve two purposes: preserving our memories and improving my photography. How cool is that?

I’m going to give myself grace. While I would love this whole project to be with my Canon 6D, I’m honest enough to know that there will be iPhone photos mixed in.

So will you join me? Or just follow along?

You can find me over on Instagram where I will be sharing the majority of the photos with the hashtag #everydaysummer100

I’ll also share some of my favorites over on my Facebook page.

And I’ll be sharing tutorials here on the Blog to help you document your summer too!

So, because I know some people ( including myself) sometimes need ideas and prompts, I’m including this list of 105 Summer Photography prompts for you to download. Just click the photo below to start your download!

105 summer photography prompts for the summer!

I can’t wait to share the memories that I capture during these next 100 days of summer!

Happy shooting!

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