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It’s time for the November edition of Currently!

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Let’s get right to it. I am Currently…


Ok, so there are too many things on Netflix. Like…I finally discovered Designated Survivor.  I’m watching season 3 of Daredevil. I discovered this new British show called the Bodyguard, and I’m finally trying to finish the other seasons of House of Cards so I can watch the last season.


I was sent an advanced copy of Rachel Hollis’s Girl Stop Apologizing. I loved Girl Wash your Face, so I am sooo excited to get into this one. I’m traveling this week, and I’m taking it with me on the plane.


But listen. I have drunk the kool-aid. I saw so many folks on the gram using it and having that glow that I decided that I had to try it. My skin has looked has been like BAM!
See this photo of me last week? No makeup, no filter. Just me adding Vitamin c serum to my routine at night for the last few weeks.  YASSSSS


Memory journals. It’s something I’ve been kind of doing for a while now, but haven’t shared. I’m working on one for Turks and Caicos and one for the month of November. I am thinking about a project next year that you all can join me on…I’ll be sharing that soon.


Speaking of next year, I’m already planning what kind of content I want to share with you all! If you have things you want to hear about, see, learn, leave a comment in the comment section or on social!


Better. I have been stressed for the last 2 months. STRESSED really doesn’t cover it. But that’s the word I’ll give you. I’ll be speaking more about this later, but entrepreneurial life and life, in general, was a bit hard these last few months. But everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we go through things to help us learn and get better. At least, that’s how I’m choosing to look at it. Sort of a glass half full type deal.


Well, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for a glimpse into a quick trip I’m taking to New Orleans this week and a post about what happens when your child gets sick on vacation in a foreign country.

Talk to you tomorrow!