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15 of the Best Holiday Moscow Mule Recipes

I love a good Moscow Mule, and even though I love the classic version, there is nothing like a Moscow Mule with a holiday twist. There are so many versions out there that you can make! Here are the best Holiday Moscow Mule Recipes to try out for your holiday parties this season.  

15 of the best holiday moscow mule recipes

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I was introduced to the Moscow Mule late in life, but I am such a fan! It reminds me of my favorite cocktail recipe: the Mojito. Mainly because of the mint. It’s easy to make a cocktail that can become your go-to when you are out celebrating this holiday season. 

holiday moscow mule


So what is a Moscow Mule?

The Original Moscow Mule Recipe has 5 ingredients: vodka, ginger beer, Lime Juice, Bitters and Mint. It doesn’t need a cocktail shaker( umm ginger beer) and it’s easy to make.

Cute Supplies every Holiday Moscow Mule Maker Needs

Most of the time, it’s served in a cute copper mug, but of course, you can serve it in any type of glass.  And of COURSE you need supplies so you can share on Instagram right?

So, on to the recipes.

I made my own version of A Holiday Moscow Mule Recipe last year and was on the lookout for more holiday Moscow mule recipes to make this season.  I’ve gathered my favorite Holiday Mocsow Mule Recipes from around the web in this one post for you to try! 

Each of these recipes is fun, easy to make and most importantly delicious!  Let me know which one is your favorite. 

15 of the Best Holiday Moscow Mule Recipes

The BEST Holiday Mule Recipes

What's better than a holiday cocktail? Check out some of the best Holiday Mule Recipes on the web, perfect for any holiday party.

Which one of these delicious recipes are you going to try this holiday season? Let me know in the comments!