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How to Take Care of Your Credit Score During the Holidays

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Ahhh the holidays have arrived and with it, SHOPPING! But hold up! Before you go crazy, remember not to overspend! Because overspending has consequences like hurting your credit. And taking care of your credit score during the holidays should be a priority

Credit was never my friend. In my 20s (and 30s too), I did not use it well and tended to go overboard during the holidays and start the new year worrying about my credit score.  I’m here to help you not to do the same.

making a list during the holidays is a great way to protect your credit score during the holidays

How to take Care of Your Credit Score During the Holidays

These tips are things I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve had the experience of going overboard during the holidays and regretting it in January. I want to help you guys avoid that. I’m teaming up with to help you help yourself. is a leading provider of credit report repair services in the United States. They are a team of credit professionals who educate and empower individuals to achieve the credit scores they deserve. 

So let’s get to these tips!

don't overspend on gifts under the tree to protect your credit score during the holidays


One mistake I used to make was to not be aware of where I was starting! Before you get started shopping this holiday season, look at your credit cards and know your rate and what you owe. Remember, overspending on credit cards can hurt your credit! So before you start shopping, know the interest rates on all of your credit cards and what you already owe.

Set a Budget ( Make a list and check it twice)

Avoid overspending at Target to protect your credit score during the holidays

To keep yourself in check and make sure you don’t overspend, you definitely need to set a budget. Setting a budget is a great way to keep yourself on track and understand how much you can spend this holiday season so that you don’t overspend and rely on credit when you go overboard.

Continue to Make Payments on time!!!

This is a problem a lot of us get caught up in! ESPECIALLY during the holidays, it’s important to keep up with your payments on time! The holidays are not the time to pay late or to forgo a payment all together because you are going overboard during the holidays (I speak from experience here). When you pay late, it negatively affects your credit and makes it hard to build your credit score back up. 

Monitor Your Credit Score

‘Tis the season for Fraud also!  make sure that you monitor your credit reports regularly. Identity fraud is a big problem, so make sure you monitor your credit score and watch for anything that is incorrect.  Consider a credit monitoring service like!’s technology provides its members with a personal online dashboard, a credit score tracker and analysis, creditor and bureau interactions, text and email alerts, mobile apps and credit monitoring. Perfect for the holiday season. 


credit score during the holidays


These are the tips that I’ve been using myself to make sure my credit score stays safe during the holidays. And I hope they help you too!  Remember, your credit score is not written in stone, but your credit won’t fix itself. Don’t just sit and watch it! Get help from today with a free consultation to help you start your credit repair efforts!

Which one of these tips will you stick to this holiday season?