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Instagram Reels 101

Instagram Reels is the newest thing that Instagram is offering it’s users. Keep reading for an Instagram Reels 101 and a few hacks to help you get started.

Instagram reels 101

Instagram rolled out Instagram Reels to most of it’s users in August of 2020 basically because they needed to compete with Tik Tok.

Just like in Tik Tok,  Instagram users can add 15-second video clips that can be set to music( or not) and then shared to their stories, their feed and/or the Reels tab aht now shows up on the User profile.

Reels are a great way to get your content in front of a new audience. Why?

It’s new, this content will be trending and the algorithm will push it to the top of everyone’s feed. 

I think those who embrace Reels right at the beginning will see lots of growth and lots of new engagement on Instagram.

I hear a lot of you right now: ONE MORE THING?!

Yes, Yes it is. 

But if you are using Instagram for your business or you are looking to grow on Instagram or BOTH:

Just start creating Reels. 


So let’s talk about Instagram Reels 101:

How do I make a reel?

Open up your stories and swipe right to find it. You can create a reel right in the app or you can upload already edited ones using your own music OR you can upload and use the music library in Instagram. Head to this post to find out how to create reel in 3 easy steps.

Need to Know Instagram Reels Info:

  • Reels can be filmed right in the Reels Camera or uploaded from your camera roll.
  • If you film in the app, you can do it as one take or a series of takes edited together( Like Tik Tok
  • Reels can be anywhere from 3-15 seconds in length.

Reel hacks:

1. Editing a reel: You can only delete the LAST clip you recorded. When you use a filter, you have to reapply it to EACH AND EVERY FRAME! If you want to make a reel OUTSIDE Instagram, use apps like Inshot for voiceovers and the Filmm app for a filter hack.  If you don’t have music, you can also use Inshot or a few other apps to add your own. 

2. To save yourself time: Batch create content! Plan out 5 video ideas at a time, outline, and record and save them in your drafts on Reels so they are ready to go. Write it out so that you can be quick and concise. REPURPOSE stories, random video clips, and even Tik Tok’s to get you started. 

3. Other Stuff Just like IGTV, make a cover photo so it matches your grid. Don’t make a long caption. Keep it short and simple if you are making text, make sure you keep it in the middle of your frame for the feed preview.


1. Do You need hashtags?
The Reels Feed has it’s own algorithm right now. We can test them to see, but for now, I’ve noticed that some of the top-performing Reels have NO hashtags.

2. Where is my music?
Instagram is GLITCHY. ALWAYS. Hopefully with an update it will appear

3. Do I really need to do this?
If you are serious about growing your Instagram and reaching a broader audience…yes

Hopefully, all of this information helps you to create your first real, gain engagement and new followers! Now go forth and create!

So, what is your first reel going to be about?

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