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50 Fall Bucket List Ideas and Free Printable 2023

Fall is here and it’s time for some of our favorite fall activities! If you need ideas, check out this Fall Bucket List will help turn your weekends in to a great time full of these Fall bucket list ideas. Includes Fall Bucket List Printable!

Fall Bucket List

Take a deep breath early in the morning.

Do you smell it? Do you feel it?

Fall is coming!

Yes, that means it’s almost time for boots, sweaters, pumpkins, apple orchards and warm drinks from Starbucks that cost an arm and a leg.

Fall is magical. It’s the perfect time of year we can breathe in the crisp air, enjoy the changing leaves, put on our cozy sweaters and boots, pick up a pumpkin spice latte for a hay ride through a corn maze and go apple picking all in the same day.

n my mind, Fall only lasts 8 weeks: from the beginning of September(technically, the first day of fall is September 22nd this year) to the end of October.

Because let’s face it folks, as soon as the Halloween party is over, everyone starts thinking about Christmas. Sad? Yes, True? 

You bet.

Fall is without a doubt, my favorite season.

So every year, I have a fun fall bucket list of some of my favorite fall things. 


This year, I made a fall bucket list full of some of my favorite fall activities and fun things to keep us busy all season long. 

50 Fall Bucket List Ideas Fun To Try

fall bucket list ideas 2020

1. Go Apple Picking in an apple orchard

2. Have a pumpkin carving contest

3. Visit a Corn maze

4. Host a Fall-themed picnic

5. Take a scenic drive to enjoy the fall foliage

6. Attend a local fall festival or fair

7. Bake a homemade pumpkin or apple pie

8. Collect colorful fall leaves and press them in a scrapbook

9. Have a cozy movie night in your living room with classic fall films. 

10. Roast marshmallows and make S’mores over a bonfire

11. Go On a hayride

12. Explore a haunted house or trail

13. Go to a football game

14. Host a costume party or go to one

15. Go Hiking

16. Make a big pot of Chili ( great recipe here

17. Decorate your home with DIY fall crafts

18. Have a game night for the whole family.

19. Volunteer at a local shelter or food bank

20. Take a scenic drive to enjoy the fall foliage

21 Make your favorite soup and homemade bread

22. Attend a wine or beer tasting event

23.Visit a local farm to see the animals

24. Go on a camping trip

25. Host a Friendsgiving Dinner

26. Take a scenic train ride

27. Visit a botanical garden

28. Take a scenic drive to enjoy the fall foliage

29. Try a new fall-inspired coffee or tea drink.

30. Create a DIY scarecrow for your yard

31. Visit pumpkin patches and pick out the perfect pumpkin

32. Host a bonfire and tell ghost stories

33. Take a day to declutter and donate items to charity

34. Go on a bike ride 

35. Making homemade apple cider

36. Attend a local arts and crafts fair

37. Take a scenic boat ride

38. Host a pie-baking competition 

39. Try a new fall inspired cocktail or mocktail

40. Go horseback riding

41. Make homemade jam or preserves

42. Take a guided wildlife tour

43 Create a DIY outdoor movie night

44. Attend a local Oktoberfest celebration

45. Plan a spontaneous weekend getaway to a cozy cabin

46. Have a cozy day of reading with a good book and a big cup of hot chocolate

47. Have a photoshoot to capture the beautiful fall colors. 

48. Bake Pumpkin Bread

49. Go to a fall festival and eat caramel apples

50. Make your own Halloween costume.

Printable Fall Bucket List

fall bucket list

Just so you don’t have to screenshot this post, I have created a printable that you can just print and use for your own family. Check off the activities as you so them!  Sort of a Fall scavenger hunt!  Keep reading for your free printable copy!

Download your  Fall Bucket List



Hopefully, this autumn bucket list will help you have a great time during the autumn season. 

If you do do any of these activities on the bucket list tag me on social and use the hashtag #eyecandyfallbucketlist so that I can see how many fun fall things you do this year !


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Iiona V

Friday 25th of September 2020

I think we have about a week of Fall here in Texas, but it could stay around a little longer. It's been nice with temps in the low 90s. LOL