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Letters to Our Children: October

Each month, I write a letter to my son. It's a photography project and letter all in one. Link up in the post.

Letters to our children october


Dear Pookah

I’ve been worried about you this school year.

There seems to be a lot of growing pains emotionally as well as educationally that weren’t there last year.  I know the concepts are getting harder, the words bigger, and friendships harder to navigate.

But you were coming home frustrated, mad, and so sad.

This in turn made me want to hover.  You know, do things like..walk you INTO class…do things for you, remind you of you.

But thankfully, you are a bit too independent for that.

Recently, it feels like you’ve turned a corner.

I talked to your teacher yesterday and she seemed to agree: you are maturing and growing up.

I’ve been trying to pull back, and not baby you as much because hey..second grade!

We started serious chores around the house…( for money because like your mother, money motivates you).

I don’t go in the classroom with you in the morning.

I bite my tongue so that I don’t ask and remind and prod…

And you are doing fine.

I think that it is ME who is not ready to let go. Me who is holding on.

But time is marching on, and the little boy you were last year is gone.

In his place is you.

Letters to our children october


My independent, smart, stubborn, sweet opinionated almost 7-year-old.

I’ll adjust.


Love you,




This post is part of a series I do every month called Letters to Our Children.

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Thursday 20th of October 2016

Awwww. They grow. Mine thankfully does everything on their own. I never had to hover. Now reminding them over and over again to do things........that will never end. I feel I will do that when they are grown.