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Letters To Our Sons: September

Dear Pookah,

It’s been a month since the start of Kindergarten.

And this weekend, since you and I were alone together, I decided to take you out on a date so we could talk about it.

And boy did you talk!

You love your teacher,

You love to read

You love to get stickers and happy faces.

You love just about everything about Kindergarten

Except coming home.

I love that you are enjoying school.

I love that you are excited about it.

I love that you love school almost as much as you love Pizza.

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And I love that you love sharing your day with me.



( as yes, he ate that whole pizza by himself!)


This letter is a part of a Blog circle where each month, we write a letter to our sons. Next up is Quad Cities and Davenport, IA newborn photographer Aubrey Schlue of Aubrey Dawn Photography

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