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Letters to My Son: On Being Different

Letters to my son: Dealing with food allergies as a kid is not easy! Talking to my son this month about being different.

Letters to my Son: June 2017


Dear Pookah,

Last week, you told me, “I wish I could eat wheat.”

Big Sigh…..

It wasn’t that you haven’t said this before.  Usually every few years or so, you say something to this effect and I brush it off by saying ” God made  you special” or “But look at all the things you CAN eat.”

But it was the WAY you said it this time, that made me stop and really think about how to respond.

You are at that stage where you want so desperately to be like everyone else.

You want to wear cool clothes…

You want to listen to the right music…

You want to watch the same movies as your friends…

And you want to be able to eat what everyone else is eating…


I knew this stage was coming, but I was hoping I had a few more years. I know the doctors originally told us that you would grow out of this allergy to wheat by 5 or 6, but it’s not looking like that is happening. It’s looking like this will be a permanent thing.

But like I told you yesterday, when you said it again…

I’m sorry you can’t eat what everyone else can. I know that must be hard for you sometimes.

I don’t know why God decided to make your body the way he did.


You ARE different!

You are special.

You are smart.

You are incredibly funny.

You can run fast.

You are great at Chess.

You have lots of friends.

You are good at Math.

You are Kind.

You are a great swimmer.

You are a great reader.

You can cook eggs.

You can remember an entire song after hearing it once.

You are great at writing stories.

You are MINE.

I know that all of these things don’t make up for not being able to eat everything you want and from being different from everyone else. But when you start to feel left out, just remember all of the things that you can do.

I hope that helps.

I love you…


Vada Love

Wednesday 26th of July 2017

Its very hard to deal with those comments from my son as well. I have changed many of our eating habits at home but the other kids still are able to eat things he cannot. My son cannot eat eggs, dairy, oats, peas, or soy!

Lisa @ NatureImmerse

Friday 30th of June 2017

Beautifully written and my heart breaks for my son each day as well. Thanks for sharing


Monday 3rd of July 2017

thank you! what is your son allergic to?


Friday 30th of June 2017

Poor Pookah, I totally sympathize. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 3 years ago. Most of the time its ok, I've gotten used to it, but it still has its pangs like wanting to try a new restaurant, or eat my favorite breakfast kolaches. It gets better Pookah! It gets better! You'll find more and more foods you can eat, you get better at navigating your allergy, and you get stronger. Its hard but you can do it. <3


Monday 3rd of July 2017

Thank you for the support! He's at that age where every difference matters!